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Influencers and Affiliates


Does your pet have an Instagram account? Are you the pet parent to an insta-famous pup or kitten?

If you have a pet with a large following on social media, or if you run a large pet-themed social media account, then we would love to collaborate with you.

We often create free pet prints for famous animals. You send us the photo, we send you the finished masterpiece! We can create a canvas, fleece blanket, t-shirt or anything else you may like.

In return, all we ask is that you feature our brand on your pet's social media accounts, using the hashtag #PrintyPets.

Get in touch with us today at


So you might not have thousands of followers on Instagram, but you do love our brand! Hey, we appreciate your support! We would love to invite you to join our secret referral program. You can sign up here >

The referral program is very easy to understand:

  • You sign up and receive a unique referral link
  • You share this link with friends, family, Facebook groups and anyone else that you think would love #PrintyPets!
  • They get 10% off their order if they purchase through your link
  • You get your order for free once you've referred 3 pet parents!

It's super easy to promote Printy Pets, because we are growing so quickly and everybody loves the quality of our products!

Some top tips from our top referrers:

  • Share a photo of your order on social media, and put a link in the caption! When pet parents see a photo of your own custom pet product, they'll instantly want to know where it's from! Help them out with 10% off through your link
  • Share your Link in Pet and Animal Facebook Groups, Forums and other Online Communities!
  • Put your Link in your Instagram Bio!

If you're interested in working with us as an Influencer or Affiliate please send us an email at Or sign up to the referral program right here: