Digital Art File of Your Pet

 ... Did you know you can use your new piece of pet art as your new favourite iPhone wallpaper? Or as a screensaver at work?

Add this Digital Art File to your order if you want to receive the actual digital art of your pet, sent straight to your inbox. We'll email you the art file as soon as our talented artists have finished their masterpiece.

You can print it off and frame it, upload it to Insta, send it to people via Snapchat, iMessage, email and more!

You'll get extremely giddy once you see this unique piece of pet art! And you'll be able to use it as a background on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer!

What you'll receive:

  • Printy Pets Digital Art File with a Transparent Background.

You'll receive your digital downloadable file in around 6 days, as this is approximately how long it takes to create your pet work of art. Note that during busy periods, this may take longer.



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