1 x Artwork Review

1 x Artwork Review



Want to review your artwork before we print it? All of our awe-inspiring artwork is created by our talented team of artists. Most of the time, our artwork comes out perfectly and our customers burst in to tears when they see it printed on to the finished product!

But we understand the importance of capturing your pet's likeness exactly how you want it. And that's why we now offer you the opportunity to review the artwork before it gets printed.

We send you an artwork proof, and you say:

'YES, I love it! OMG! Print it! Send it! I want it now!'

Or you reply with your notes about the artwork, and any edits you'd like us to make. We take your feedback incredibly seriously and make all of the changes you asked for.

Then, we print it!

Note: You will not see how the artwork looks after your requested changes.